.best 域名

.best 域名 - 新通用顶级域名

Looking for the best products, services, and technology? .BEST can help. .BEST will be an exclusive registry, run by Best TLD, in conjunction with PeopleBrowsr’s Kred’s rankings, information, and measurements to provide an ultimate listing service of all the best products, advancements, and services available. .BEST, as a restricted TLD, will not be available to the public for registration, thereby creating a credible namespace specific to the Best TLD company’s interests and goals.

.best 注册局/注册机构信息

注册机构:BestTLD Pty Ltd

.best 价格

注册 ¥812.00
续费 ¥812.00
转入 ¥812.00
赎回 ¥812.00 + 续费费用

.best 格式

最小长度 2 characters
最大长度 63 characters
数字 Allowed (full-numeric)
连字符(-) Allowed (middle only)
IDN 支持 不允许