.casino 域名

.casino 域名 - 新通用顶级域名

Casinos represent a multibillion dollar industry globally, and encompass a number of different businesses, services, individuals, and organizations. In order to create an online hub as expansive and diverse as casinos themselves, .CASINO provides a relevant TLD that may be registered by any individual, group, or business, making it accessible to performers, gaming managers, concierge services, restaurants, worker unions, inspectors, and anyone else who makes the casino world go ‘round.

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.casino 价格

注册 ¥1,204.00
续费 ¥1,204.00
转入 ¥1,204.00
赎回 ¥1,204.00 + 续费费用

.casino 格式

最小长度 2 characters
最大长度 63 characters
数字 Allowed (full-numeric)
连字符(-) Allowed (middle only)
IDN 支持 不允许